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Sinead features in Today's Guardian in an article about her favourite TV. Don't forget that London Irish is on Tomorrow, Tuesday 24th September 2013 at 10pm on Channel 4.


Here at, we'd like to send our love and congratulations to Sinead and Chris McGill who are getting married today. Congratulations, both of you!


Sinead has started rehersals for a new Channel 4/E4 Pilot called London Irish. Earlier, she tweeted:

Just finished a day of rehearsals for the brilliant pilot of 'London Irish' for @C4 @E4 written by the fabulous Lisa McGee, of BH fame!!!!!

We'll give you any further information when we receive it.


Sinead will be featured in Friday's Afternoon Drama, at 2:15pm on September 21st. It's entitled "Falling", and here's information from the BBC Website:

Starring Sinead Keenan and Sarah Smart. Dawn is proud to be her clinic's number one fertility nurse. But despite her expertise in impregnating women, she always maintains a professional distance from her patients; she never gets too close. In fact Dawn never gets too close to anybody. But when she struggles to help new patient Tasha conceive, Dawn starts to break her own rules. And as her personal and professional boundaries begin to fall away, she's faced with an impossible choice.

Set in the world of fertility treatment, Falling is a very modern story about love, sex and desperation. It's a world in which it's often hard to separate the biological from the emotional, while what's at stake is life itself.

More information can be found here.


Screencaps of Sinead in Lip Service have been added to the gallery


It had been confirmed that the new series of Lip Service starring Sinead will start airing on April 20th.


The BBC have today released information about Sinead's character in Lip Service. They say, about Sinead:

Then there are the wonderful Sinead Keenan and Stuart McQuarrie playing Tess's fellow actors in Uncle Vanya, Nora and Hugh. Sinead's a face you may well recognize from Being Human. She's brilliant as Nora, we wanted an actress who could play someone very manipulative without being too moustache twirling and obvious about it.

We were very lucky to get Sinead and it's a measure of what a great actress she is that she's so different in this to her other BBC Three role in Being Human.

The press pack contains an interview with Sinead that you can read here.


It has been announced that Sinead will be appearing at The Greatest Show In The Galaxy with the likes of Kai Owen, Eve Myles and Naoko Mori. Ticket information available on the website.


First of all, Happy New Year, Sinead Fans.Hope you had a good one, and a Merry Christmas too.

We start the year with, what could be seen as, very sad news, Sinead has told the world that she will not be returning to Being Human for Series 4. The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that we removed "Being Human" from her "Current Projects" in August, but it has now been officially confirmed. In a "twitter statement", she said:

It is with a very heavy heart and a little relief that I can now tell you that I will not be appearing in S4 of Being Human. I cannot tell you how difficut it was to make the decision to leave. I've had 3 wonderful years on BH, some of the best I've had in my acting career. I was asked not to say anything about my departure by the Powers That Be, which I dutifully adhered to for months, hence my sporadic tweeting but now the presspack has been released it seems the story is out. I want to thank you all sooo much for your wonderful support over the 3 seasons. I hope you all continue to enjoy BH and that we'll meet again very soon on some other great TV adventure. Big love from YOUR fan, S x

She then added:

Also, for those of you asking... I believe my departure happens offscreen. I haven't filmed anything for Series 4 xxxxx

And although we're saddened by this news, we wish Sinead all the best for the future. And let's face it, with a talent like hers, she won't be off our screens for long, and here at, we'll support her every step of the way...


A little later than last year,but I've once again written a Being Human Night Before Christmas. You can read it here.

Also, last year's poem is once again available here.


Here at, we would like to give the biggest CONGRATULATIONS to Sinead and her boyfriend, who recently announced their engagement. Sinead tweeted in the early hours saying:

"I've been keeping a bit of news from you, but I've decided we're all friends here so I can share it with you...... I am engaged!! Xxxx"

We wish Sinead and Chris all the best for the future.


Results of the "Your Favourite Nina-isms" Poll are available here


Crimes of Mancunia is available to download here


More information about Sinead's Radio Play is available here


Sinead has announced that she will be starring in Series Two of the BBC Three Drama Lip Service. Transmission date is, as yet, unknown. Details to follow.


Sinead's Radio Play,Crimes of Mancunia is on BBC Radio 4 on 23rd of June at 14.15


Sinead pays tribute to the late Lis Sladen:

"Shocking news about the wonderful Lis Sladen. Sleep well xxxx"


Happy April Fool's Day. Hope you managed to go without being 'fooled'. Anyway, a few quick things. We're currently running a poll to see what your favourite Nina Pickering lines are in the Being Human series. You can vote for yours here. Also, we're currently supporting a petition to get a "Doctor Who confidential" style show for Being Human made. You can sign this petition here.


Welcome to this Sinead Keenan fansite, celebrating the work of the beautiful Sinead.

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